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Larry Stewart is an Ottawa based illustrator, calligrapher, illuminator, lecturer, writer, and entertainer. He worked for the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board for fifteen years, providing many of the illustrations used in their curriculum. These illustrations ran the full spectrum from detailed diagrams of experiments used in science units to cartoons that humourously drive home critical points. These were well received by teachers and students alike.

In other fields, he has illustrated books in the Science Fiction field, notably for Robert J. Sawyer's "Factoring Humanity" (TOR Books, 1998).

A unique combination of these two realms was the illustrating of Julie E. Czerneda's book "NO LIMITS", (Trifolium Books, 1998) This book is a resource manual for teachers at the high school level, to allow them to teach scientific literacy through the use of science fiction in the classroom. A companion book "PACKING FRACTION & OTHER TALES OF SCIENCE & IMAGINATION” is available to the students as text material. Each of these books contains five stories by different authors, each writing about a different area of science. Each story has one illustration that is meant to capture the interest, as well as the imagination, of the teacher and the students.

Larry now works extensively in the realm of computer art. He provided much of the scientific and other illustrations for the NECTAR Foundation. These were used in the development of educational software for grades 3 through 8. Most recently (up to the present time) he has used his skills to create layouts for newsletters and other publications for various clients, logo designs, and much more. As an example, he has been providing illustrations for articles written by Walter Shawlee II in “Avionics News” Magazine, published monthly by the Aircraft Electronics Association. He has illustrated three articles thus far, with more sure to come. These illustrations range from showing the technical elements of the new RNP-4 navigation system, to a cartoon about really poor in-aircraft radio design.

Larry is also an accomplished calligrapher and illuminator with 36 years experience. He was calligrapher to the Governor General of Canada for four years and he executed the annual award scrolls for the Chemical Institute of Canada for twelve years.

Larry has three times been the honoured recipient of the AURORA AWARD, the Canadian National Science Fiction Award, equivalent of the prestigious HUGO AWARD in the United States. He received two of the awards for his stage entertaining, illustrating, lecturing, and Master of Ceremonies work at conventions across North America. The Artistic Achievement Aurora Award for the year 2000 was won for his illustrations used in “NO LIMITS” and “PACKING FRACTION & OTHER TALES OF SCIENCE & IMAGINATION”

Larry is also an accomplished impersonator, and is well known for his vocal duplication of everyone from Pope John-Paul II to Boris Karloff! His vocal repertoire now stands at roughly 1056 voices! Larry has done voice-overs for radio commercials and produced tapes for the blind in the Housing Co-op he lives in, (Daly Co-op). These are only two of the applications he uses his voice(s) for.

Most recently he has worked with various clients in recording studios. At “Sound of One Hand” studio, he provided one of the English voices of the audio Canadian Tax Guides for the blind, which are produced for the Federal Government.

He has narrated texts and provided character voices for the Chinese “English as a second language” program. He was chosen for the precision of pronunciation he brings to speaking the texts, which was a high requirement of the Chinese ESL program. He has been involved with this program for several years in the capacity of narrator.

Prior to this, he did extensive narration and character voices spanning nearly twenty years for the Ottawa-Carleton Roman Catholic School Board, the NECTAR Foundation and other educational institutions in the Ottawa-Toronto area.

Larry’s writing is geared mostly to writing articles and critical works. Many of his most vitriolic papers are largely geared toward moral philosophy, intending to draw attention to problems facing society and putting the matter in a bold, straightforward manner.

Larry has written several stories for children and whenever time permits, he is working on a book of legends tentatively called “The Legends of Never”. These legends are being created and written by Larry in the storytelling traditions of peoples all over the world.

In matters of the sciences, Larry is extremely well versed. His favourite areas of science range from Astronomy and Archaeology through to Physics and Theoretical Science, to Volcanology. His knowledge has been of extensive benefit in his illustration work and his lecturing at conventions. An avid collector of antique scientific instruments, he still does all of his mathematical calculations using a Slide Rule, as well as using a Planespheric Astrolabe to pursue his astronomical observations.

Larry also has the distinction of being one of the last remaining teachers of the use of the Slide Rule in mathematics. He also designs Astrolabes and teaches courses about their construction and use.